The Realnaps virtual football auto trade is a contract were Realnaps create's a virtual account and generate trades on your behalf. To Register a Realnaps auto trade account you must acknowlege and accept the following terms and conditions, if youre are not in accordance or agreement with the terms and conditions of the Realnaps autotrade contract then we advise you desist from registering.

1: You must be 18 years of age or above. Ages below 18 are completely prohibited from signing the autotrade contract

2: All account supervision are to made from your dash board, once you become a contract member on REALNAPS autotrade, you will be given access to monitor and supervisor your virtual account.

3: Once you fund your REALNAPS autotrade account, your account must run for a minimum of 30 trading days. By 30 trading days, we mean 30 trades, this will take a minimum of 30 working days. usually trades are generated daily, trade per day, but un forseen events, such as virtual football going down for days, REALNAPS undergoing mainatnce or upgrade for days, or any form of reason could lead to temporary halt in tradings. If your account hasn't recorded up to 30 trades We can not on any circumstance process a withdrawal on your behalf, withdrawals are only made after 30 trades.

4: We will only help you generate trade using our unique alogrithm, we do not give guarantees profits using our alogrithm. Also we can not on any circumstance reveal our alogrithm, Our alogrithm is strictly for inbound tradings.

5: REALNAPS autotrade contract has a strict no refund policy, we do not make refunds on any form of transactions, this includes fundings or any form of payments at all, all Payments will not be refunded on any circumstance.

6: REALNAPS autotrade service is based on contract you pay us 40% on your withdrawals. Commisions are first withdrawn after which the remaining balance are withdrawn. Commissions are first paid from your withdrawals irrespective of profits or losses..

7: Losses could be made and Realnaps could end up lossing everything you invested on the Realnaps Auto trade. In a case or occasion were you made complete loss of investment or face any form of challanges on this contract, we are not liable and can not be held responsible. Signing the autotrade contratct with REALNAPSBET LIMITED is strictly at owners risk, you bear the risk of losses and any ill fate that comes with it alone.

8: REALNAPSBET LIMITED has the absolute power to terminate its autotrade contract with any contract member when it deem's fit for any reason best know to her, reason's could include the following and more:


  • Due to the fact we communicate with hundred's of client daily, we advise you message us on What's App only. we might not pick calls promptly as it reduce's the time to multi chat with other client's. We are available on Whats App 9am to 7pm , Monday to Friday.
  • Communications are to be done only within the stated working hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm) . All customer support related request must be done only on Whatsapp.