Realnaps Server Base Virtual Trading

You only pay us 40% commissions from your winnings (Profit)

Set up your virtual tradings on Realnaps server and dont disturb your self ever again with the expenses of electricity and internet data. The server base comes with an insurance to protect you from losses, we insure your capital up to a tune

Product Description

Realnaps clientbase autobet

The Realnaps Premium server base Autotrade is our best trading software. The premium server base autotrade is installed and managed on Realnaps servers, so you don't have to bother yourself with the running cost and providing uninterrupted power supply and internet connectivity.

The premium server base autotrade has been programmed to trade with little risk. We also have an insurance policy that insures your capital from losses of up to 60%. On the server base autotrade, the software manages and virtually trades for you, while you monitor the progress of your winnings from your dashboard. You only pay Realnaps 40% of your profits as a commission for using our server.

Pros & Cons

Realnaps clientbase autobet


  1. You save money on electricity and internet data
  2. Realnaps Server Base works with a trading algorithm that trades with little risk
  3. There is an insurance policy, when you loose your virtual tradings we compensate you up to a tune.
  4. You can monitor your Realnaps autotrade account (24/7) from your virtual dashboard
  5. You have rest of mind knowing fully well that the server base autotrade platform is the best trading software from Realnaps and will give you excellent returns on your investment.


  1. It takes longer time, at leats one month or more trading for guranteed profits
  2. insurance policy is only availble to certain packages
  3. You share 40% of your profits with us ( as a result using our server and softwares )
  4. You can not stop or interfer with Realnaps server base tradings, till trading cycle has completed.

Setup procedures

Realnaps serverbase autobet

On the premium server base all you are expected to do is to register and pick a package that suits your budget, after picking a package, make payments to the company account and notify our Team, will help you handle the rest of the proccess..


Register a free Realnaps server base virtual autotrade account, ( sign up here )


Choose a package that fits your budget. We have
  1. Platinum Package [naira 20k to 99,900k] [400 ghc to 1999 ghc] [6k ksh to 29,900 ksh] [$50 to $249]
  2. Ruby Package [naira 100k to 499,900k] [2000 ghc to 9,999ghc ] [30ksh to 149,900 ksh] [$250 to $1249]
  3. Emerald Package [naira 500k to 999k] [10,000ghc to 49,900 ghc] [150k ksh to 749k ksh] [$1250 to $6249]
  4. Dedicated Package [naira 1m and above] [50,000 ghc and above] [750k ksh and above] [$6250 and above]


Make payments to Realnaps for the package you selected that suit your budget. All payment most be done via transfer to the companies account


Contact Realnaps team to verify your payments and activate your virtual trading account on our server.


  1. Activating a Realnaps server base package could take more to 72 working hours.
  2. Once payment has been made, there will be no refunds. Please ensure that you make a firm decision before making payments for any package because, once subscription to a package is activated, there will be no form of halting, or interference till the package completes its trading cycle.
  3. There might be a halt in trading activities at irregular intervals within a trading cycle.

Realnaps server base Insurance Policy

Realnaps clientbase autobet

How Realnaps server base insurance policy works

The Realnaps server base insurance insures 60% of your capital before virtual trading commences. This insurance policy ensures that subscribers to the Emerald and Dedicated packages are adequately compensated if they lose all their capital or, their capital base drops below 60% at the end of a trading cycle.

The insurance policy applies as follow:

  1. Subscribers to the Emerald and Dedicated package are entitled to a compensation of up to 60% of their initial capital if they lose all their capital at the end of a trading cycle.
  2. Subscribers to the Emerald and Dedicated package who record losses that deplete their capital base to less than 60% at the end of a trading cycle will receive a compensation that will raise their capital base to 60% of the initial capital.
  3. Subscribers to the Emerald and Dedicated package who lose 40% of their capital or less at the end of a trading cycle will not be entitled to any compensation since the insurance covers only 60% of the capital. Compensation will be paid only if the balance of their capital drops below 60% of the initial capital. If the capital depletes below 60% then point 2 as stated above applies.


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